Manga illustration


Manga Illustration is by far the most distinct style of illustration present today. From the lip design to the eye and other facial features, everything reflects a unique trait. It requires a great deal of expertise for illustrators to create manga characters. At Vox Illustration, you get a chance to interact with the professionals of the agency. We bring to you incredibly appealing mange illustration at reasonable pricing. In our range of services, we cover the many genres of manga illustration including business and commerce, detective, comedy, drama, historical events, science fiction, poetry, erotica, games, suspense, and mystery.

From the way, the colors are incorporated in eye design to the unique cuts and curves in body features, manga characters are totally different in attire, personality and other features from the usual animated characters we see. It’s challenging to bring out the imaginative characters into digitally created illustration while adding originality in them. Our experts have the skills to play around the right selection of colors as in mange illustration color shades and right palette play an important role. Each character has a rich attire and dress code that involves multiple palettes. We can also deliver you characters or scene created in only black and white effects. Well, that involves a sheer determination though, but we ensure you 100% superior quality service.

What We Offer

At Vox Illustration, we offer you complete ownership of the Illustration once it is delivered. The moment you get an idea, you can quickly get in touch with our professionals or hire us to work for you. We welcome your queries and are here to cater you with the best solutions.