Retro illustration


Vox Illustration is one of the leading retro illustration agency that delivers designs depicting the legendary traits. Each one of our figure, concept, and the artwork is inspired by the art and fashion that was present centuries ago. From the careful selection of colors to picturizing the scene, we strive hard to produce illustrations using most appropriate techniques. Many brands prefer using vintage artwork to deliver their message across the people. When living in the modern times, where every other picture glimpse with a high definition quality using bold and enchanting colors, going back in the era that was a decade ago and bringing the old times feels into the illustration is a tough act. However, with such expert team members where each one possesses a distinct illustration technique, help us in achieving goals way much easier.

Vox Illustration brings to you the perfect chance to revive your ideas by filling them up with a retro fashion look simply hire our professional illustrators and roll double folds on your investments. We have the expertise to create character illustration, vintage logo illustration and a complete elaboration of a scene in vintage style as well.

What We Offer

At Vox Illustration, we delve deeper into the customer brief and choose the most appropriate setting to incorporate the idea for generating best outcomes. Moreover, we handover the complete ownership to the customers keeping his or her privacy intact. So, now if you want to take your brand to sky heights, count on our exceptional illustrations.